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FOX6 News Milwaukee: Featuring IMBUED

Pictured is Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of IMBUED, LLC Tiffany Semmons showcasing IMBUED, LLC products. after an interview with FOX6 News Milwaukee journalist Carl Deffenbaugh at Third Point of View in Milwaukee, WI.

Welcome to Third Point of View in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is home to 45 local artisans that have creative reign to show off their skills and talents in their own unique space. Fairly new to the scene, Third Point of View has only been operating since May 2018; owner Marina Roesselet chose the name based on it's proximity to Milwaukee's very own Third Ward, Walker's Point, and Bay View areas. IMBUED, LLC is one of those 45 local artisans since adding our remote location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We were hand picked to meet with FOX6 News Milwaukee to showcase our products and dive into the realms of hair and skin care. 

Pictured is Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of IMBUED, LLC Tiffany Semmons, Baby Ambassador Journee Semmons, and FOX6 News Milwaukee journalist Carl Deffenbaugh at Third Point of View in Milwaukee, WI.

I must say, being on camera never gets easy for me. I was totally nervous and kept telling myself not to forget my words. But after meeting news journalist Carl Deffenbaugh, my nerves seem to slowly fade away. I practically talked his ear off about hair and skin care, you know, the importance of choosing healthier alternatives. I even had the opportunity to do a product demonstration for him off the air. Carl was IMBUED with the Lemongrass Dead Sea Body Scrub and the Amber + Moss Moisturizing Butter for Men. He absolutely loved it, especially learning that lemongrass acts as a natural repellent from those pesky mosquitoes! About thirty minutes later after recording another segment, he came back to me and said, "my hands feel great!" Wow! I learned that Carl would also be a first time father this August 2018 so I sent some goodies along for him and his wife to enjoy as they await the arrival of their bundle of joy. I am so happy to know that the Deffenbaugh family will have our natural products in their home.

Pictured is Baby Ambassador Journee Semmons taking a "business call" at Third Point of View in Milwaukee, WI.

Of course our baby ambassador who is not so much a baby anymore, tagged along with mommy on this adventure in her matching uniform. She thoroughly enjoy helping me stock and unstock - then restock our shelves what must have been a million times.

Watch the actual live news footage by clicking here.

Watch the behind the scenes footage on Facebook of Carl DeffenBaugh being IMBUED by clicking here

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