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After a year into the business, Keisha was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her family was devastated by the news. After a series of medical test, the results indicated that she needed immediate surgery. With much prayer, support, and patience, Keisha began a long and slow recovery. This once devastating situation, renewed her passion to continue fulfilling her dream; bringing affordable premium natural products to everyone. When asked about her experience she shared, “this experience has taught me that you truly learn who you are when you are going through a rough period. I am an overcomer."
What makes this company unique is it's workers, IMBUED, LLC is  a family owned business: father, mother, and four beautiful dedicated daughters who make their our own products and labels. 
Keisha Gill-Jacob PhD is the CEO and Founder of IMBUED, LLC. born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She has a great passion for education, specifically special education, and has been an educator since 1991 serving youth in inner cities and rural communities as a step coach, teacher, high school administrator, and executive director charged with turning around failing schools. Keisha's always had a niche for educating and now, she's exploring new heights to teach you about health, wellness, beauty, and style.
She began making premium natural skin and hair care products right inside her own kitchen in 2012 under the name of Kilosha Accents. With much local success and amazing feedback from the natural hair community she was afforded the opportunity to attend tradeshows such as the International Beauty Show (IBS), various vending opportunities, and product placement in 5 Whole Foods Markets in the New York metro.
Get to Know Keisha, the Author
Cries of a Humbled Spirit is an anthology of poems that was written to inspire those that have encountered some obstacles in life. The poems address a range of topics from Teenage Pregnancy, Death, Illness, Failed Relationships and more. Whatever the issue, concern or barrier, Cries of a Humbled Spirit was written to motivate and inspire those in need of encouragement. Each topic is very personal for the author and she is dedicated to touching the hearts, minds, and souls that will receive the words God has given her. Although there is a personal story behind each poem, she strongly believes that they are relatable to anyone who has ever gone through a storm.
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