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Dad, You're the Greatest

Fathers should be celebrated everyday. They work extremely hard providing, supporting, and nurturing their families. This Father's Day and everyday we want to let Father's know just how much they are appreciated - and what better way than to hear it straight from the mouths of those who love them.

My husband, Charles, is the greatest father. He gives his family his all and works relentlessly to provide for them. His support is immeasurable and he has developed a personal relationship with his children while respecting them as individual. Thank you Charles, for all that you've done and will continue to do!

- Love you immensely, your wife.

My dad, Chase, is the best dad hands down, he is always there to give an encouraging word such as bone head or idiot lol just kidding he always shows up. You can always count on him to be in the crowd cheering you on no matter how big or small the event, he makes sure to always tells you how proud of you he is, and constantly reminds you that he always has your back! He makes an amazing POP POP as well! Happy Father's Day Charlie J.

-Love Alley & Connor

He is the greatest father because he is a shining example of a family man. He supports all of his children in each of their life's endeavors, he is a loving husband to his wife, and can plan many family vacations like none other (insert sarcasm here 😂). Love you dad and thanks for everything!


He is the greatest dad because he has shown the consistent love, dedication, support, and care that ever girl should find in a Father. He's the dad that you sneak out to breakfast with, road trip with while stuffing your faces with tons of snacks, drives like a NASCAR racer, and never complains when the five women in the house hog the bathroom - OK this last one is a lie 😅. Thank you for being the greatest dad.

- Love Tiff

Dad is the greatest father because he goes over and beyond. He does things that he doesn't have to do. I don't always realize it in the moment, but I'm extremely thankful looking back. He's our personal Mr. Fix It. Always working on something or helping find a solution. A major family man, a provider, the life of the party, and an all around great person.

- Novi

He is the greatest father because he does everything and more. He never fails to put his family first & I've learned that over the years as much as he wants to say no, his heart is way to big , so he always ends up saying yes, lol. I love you dad, enjoy your day!

- Love Moody

Jay, we would like to tell you how extremely blessed we are to have you as our dad. There's nothing you wouldn't do for us and you're always willing to put our needs in front of your own. Thank you for loving us and showing us love, kindness, patience, and gratitude! You are the worlds greatest dad and we love you forever and always!

- Love Lisa and children

Ian, you are the greatest dad because of the way you love our little Elizabeth. Never could I ever imagine Elizabeth having another father. You are patient, selfless, and giving. I love how she giggles and laughs when you play with her. She knows she is loved and protected. Thank you for being all that you are to her and I. I love you.

- Yolanda and Elizabeth

My dad is the greatest because he has always worked hard for his family. Even if he is struggling, he has always been a role model by showing that one should never give up. He takes my family on a vacation every year and because of him I have been all over the country as well as other countries. He is always there for his grandchildren and they love him and his "grandpa bus!" He's an encourager, a bad jokester, a hard worker, and a great dad! Thanks papa for all you do! Love you bunches!! ♡

- Maelyn and Kristy,

Father's Day

Dear daddy, you are the greatest dad ever. Every time you twirl me around, chase me, and play with me I am the happiest girl in the world. You teach me all the great dance moves and always share your "treat-treats" with me. I love going to the park with you because you help me up the slide and even slide down with me if I'm afraid. You are the best daddy in the world and I love you.

Babe, you're the best dad. I could not do motherhood without the perfect father by my side. Journee loves her bob, lol, and so do I.

- Tiffany & Journee Ellise