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5 Things Every Mom Needs

5 Things Every Mom Needs

This is not your typical blog about what moms need. I am not going to tell you to drink water, eat healthy foods, and downward dog (yoga) at your nearest park. Those are obvious tips that I find over and over again on blogs for moms. Instead, let's talk about some other ways that will drastically improve your attitude and overall well being.

First things first, being a mom is one of the most rewarding experiences that a woman can have but it is also the most challenging. Have you ever pulled up to your childs' school only to discover you forgot their lunch on field trip day? Or how about the time your three-nager wanted to wear two different shoes to school? We've all been there in one way or another. Maybe you're an expert mom or perhaps you're a rookie, either way, here are 5 great reminders about what every mom needs.


Moms Need Rest

Because most moms don't come with a battery pack, we all need rest. Rest doesn't necessarily mean sleep. It can mean avoiding your long list of to dos and hanging out on the couch with a warm cup of cocoa. If you're anything like me, you're already thinking about what you're cooking for dinner, scheduling out your chores, and mapping out your day at 7:00 am - all before you've combed your hair, washed your face, and brushed your teeth. So don't forget to let your mind rest, your body will follow.


Moms Need Romance

Hey, do remember who that gentleman is? You know, the one sitting right next to you on the couch sneaking a bite of a candy bar before the kids come barging back in. I bet you two could use a date, a nice night out on the town. Don't forget that moms need love and sweeping her off her feet is a sure way to let her know you appreciate everything she does. Make time, hire a babysitter or send the angels to their grandparents.

Moms Need A Girls' Night Out

A Girls' Night Out is a MUST. Hooking up with the girls for a cup of coffee, a walk in the park, or a shopping spree is just what a mom needs to refresh and regroup after a long week of handling mommy duties. The girls always know what to say and where to go to have a great time. However, sometimes A Girls' Night Out becomes a Girls' Night In because of weather conditions. But you can still have fun. Grabs some snacks, a movie, some polish, and enjoy some funny

moments with the girls.

Moms Need Silence

Okay, yes, moms love company and love hanging out but we also need quiet time. Most moms enjoy reading a book during quiet time or sun bathing on the patio. Quiet time is the perfect time to reflect on things that happened during the week and even though I said this post wouldn't talk about yoga, quiet time is actually a good time to practice. It's a must for busy moms that need a break every once in a while to collect their thoughts and reflect.

Moms Need A Staple Product

Last, but not least, moms need a staple product. Don't believe us? Well, it's true! Think about about that one conditioner that detangles so well that not even your very curly -haired daughter complains when you're doing some last minute detangling before bed. Or that body butter that keeps your husbands' hands and feet moisturized. Moms can totally appreciate the shower gels that their preteen boys use after a long day of playing sports. Moms you may not notice the difference that a great product makes but take a moment to think about all the products that you use in one day. Like your lip balm that lives in your purse or your bath salts that ease your muscles after standing all day. Moms can find natural staple products at IMBUED where we consider the mind, body, and soul of our consumers.

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