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Lifestyle: One of Those Chapstick Addicts

I didn’t say lip balm – I said chapstick so you could relate. Those little jars and tubes you dive into every hour, after lunch, before blowing your nose and while you’re talking. You can’t be out of it for long. It feels too good, doesn’t it?

Lip balm. It’s like a little world, isn’t it? All minty or fruity – medicinal if you like – but fresh – every last one of them. Because I know you have more than one. Don’t hide, girl!

Because lip gloss ain’t gonna do it. We know that. You can’t keep applying sticky stuff all day long. It’s not the same. To keep those baby lips soft you need a chapped lips cure, not just for prevention. I understand!

A kiss could be waiting around the corner, so better be prepared. Or a selfie. And dehydrated lips with white stuff in the corners do not look good. And licking dry lips first is only going to make it more scary.

I have a secret for you. Get some sugar at night and exfoliate. Stay away from the super duper lip balm products with menthol because they exfoliate on their own, and the way you use it, your lips will disappear pretty soon.

Stick with the mild stuff. The natural ones. And you’re only going to need one of them, I promise, because my method works. It’s going to break your lip balm junkiefied habit.

Exfoliate at night with sugar, right? Drink some water, then apply MY favorite: Imbued Peppermint Lip Balm. Then go to sleep. Wake up and feel the heal!

Not the other heel. Although, I occasionally put a little of this fav on my fingers and apply to rough spots, too. (Did I say that?)

I digress. But you know what? I tame my brows with it. That’s right, avocado oil, cocoa butter, a nice blend for the brows, too.

And it’s a nice little hit for those dry spots after I wash my face…

And of course it’s good for the lips, you know…

No, I am not an addict! Stop looking through my purse!

Go get your OWN!

(The struggle continues. In the meantime, get your own Imbued Peppermint Lip Balm, here. Don’t even try to deny, or you wouldn’t have read this all the way through.)

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