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SneakPeekBox: Natural and Organic Sample Box

We've been featured in May's SneakpeekBox subscription box! Hurray! Parrrrrtayyyy.

Wait a minute --

Before we celebrate, let us tell you what it is. "The Sneak-Peek box is a simple and affordable way to deliver the best in natural and organic products to subscribers." Each month the company searches high and low, hand-picking products in skin care, hair care, make-up, vitamins, and lifestyle categories that are suitable for the needs of people looking for natural and organic products. Did I mention that the diligent workers of the company SneakPeekBox hand pick products from brands that cannot be found in mega stores? Well -- I just did. This opportunity gives small businesses like ourselves at Imbued at platform to shine. The company says they are passionate and excited to introduce subscriber’s to products that are unique and rich in nature and their goal is to help potential subscribers and customers like you cut through the clutter and the mountains of products that are out on the market today by delivering them to your doorstep.

Now -- where were we? That's right -- back to the party! May's subscription box features our Peppermint Fortiude Souffle Moisturizer. Our souffle is an all natural shea butter based product used to achieve moisture and shine. Subscibe today for your monthly subscription, discover products that feed your skin natural.

P.S. Megatores look out for us!

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