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Avoiding Tangles 101

Tangled Hair

Whether your hair is natural or permed, straight or curly, in this lifetime you are bound to have a tangle or two. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. The great thing about tangles, yes there is a silver lining, is that 9/10 times (I made this statistic up) you already know why your hair is tangled and perhaps you are in need of a refresher course. Welcome to Tangle 101.

TIP #1

Alright, you've had a pretty busy week and you're going on your 7th ponytail. I get it. Life is busy. But you can avoid tangles by cutting out the excessive pulling whether you're pulling up or down trying to get the perfect ponytail. Instead try a braid/cornrow. If you must do a ponytail avoid rubber bands and use a hair tie/scrunchie instead. Do not pull hair ties out until they are loose enough to slip down your hair.

TIP #2

When washing your hair in the shower, be sure to use a wide tooth comb with plenty of conditioner that provides a great slip. Work your way up from the tips of your hair to the roots of your hair. Starting at the root can cause more tangles and cause your hair to break. When rinsing products out of your hair, do not rub vigorously to make more tangles. Smooth your fingers down through your hair until there is no more product left. For really dry hair, add oil to your shampoo to moisturize as you cleanse.

TIP #3

At some point we all do it. We run our fingers through our hair. A little hair flip here and there. And over there. We've left the salon and went straight home to comb our hair, again. We've wrapped it up, put it in a ponytail, then combed it right back down. We've brushed it, then braided it, taken it back out. I call this "Hair in Hand Syndrome." We just can't stop touching our hair! I know, it's hard, but some times the best way to avoid tangles is to simply leave your hair alone! Resist the urge and pet your dog instead!

TIP #4

Many people, including myself, have invested in a satin pillow or satin hair bonnet. They look absolutely ridiculous (says husbands all over the word) but they work. If you do not own one, now is the time! Sleeping on harsh materials at night can cause tangles and worse, breakage. Yes, you'll look like a crazy lady - but a tangle free crazy lady. I assure you, you're priorities are in tack.

TIP #5

Tangles and more. For some us hair maintenance has been a never ending battle. Are you struggling with a proper hair care routine? Are you exhausted with trying product after product? Get tips and tutorials from men and women who've found what works for their hair. It's time, for you to find your tribe.

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