Avoiding Tangles 101

Tangled Hair

Whether your hair is natural or permed, straight or curly, in this lifetime you are bound to have a tangle or two. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. The great thing about tangles, yes there is a silver lining, is that 9/10 times (I made this statistic up) you already know why your hair is tangled and perhaps you are in need of a refresher course. Welcome to Tangle 101.

TIP #1

Alright, you've had a pretty busy week and you're going on your 7th ponytail. I get it. Life is busy. But you can avoid tangles by cutting out the excessive pulling whether you're pulling up or down trying to get the perfect ponytail. Instead try a braid/cornrow. If you must do a ponytail avoid rubber bands and use a hair tie/scrunchie instead. Do not pull hair ties out until they are loose enough to slip down your hair.

TIP #2